Why Chose Mosquito Repellent Light

- May 30, 2019-

Entomologists have studied the physiological properties of mosquitoes and found that mosquitoes (and many insects, including moths) are particularly sensitive and liable to certain light, and are particularly disgusted by other lights. Based on this principle, the researchers developed a special light source material that mosquitoes disliked to drive away mosquitoes.

Photon repellent successfully uses this principle to achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes by using a special light source material to generate a large amount of light that mosquitoes do not like. Since the mosquito lamp produced by it is driven by visible light to drive away mosquitoes, it does not pose any pollution to the human body and the environment.

At present, most people still confuse the concept of mosquito repellent lamps and insect killing lamps, which is due to people's habitual subconsciousness. Please note that the mosquito repellent light is yellow and filters out UV and IR rays without causing any harm to the human body. The mosquito killer is killed by ultraviolet rays associated with mosquitoes and high voltage when the mosquitoes approach. Both are in different product categories.  The Mosquito Repellent Light is the best choice.

Mosquito repellent light:


 Mosquito killing lamp: