What Are The Advantages Of Outdoor LED Display

- Dec 07, 2017-

One, the area is strong (can be seamless splicing)

Compared with the ordinary LED display screen, this kind of most preferential outdoor LED display performance is more superior, its practicability is stronger. Because of its strong area, can be multiple LED modules seamless splicing, will not affect the display effect, so its utilization and cost-effective.

Second, broadcast control management is convenient (can play all day)

The outdoor LED display can be installed after the barrier free playback. It is easy to operate, with a sound broadcast control system, just to specify the input which can be played 24 hours a day, there is no need for special maintenance.

Third, the attenuation speed of luminous flux is slow (strong anti-aging)

Professional Outdoor LED Display light difference is small, anti-aging performance is good. Even after long or many years use will not reduce its display color effect, because its luminous flux attenuation speed is slow, can guarantee the use of long-term effect, so in the high-end advertising display industry, it is the most applied.

IV. Strong color reduction (strong visual effect)

From large hotels or high-end shopping malls can see outdoor LED display traces, its color reduction is very strong, so good visual effect, conducive to marketing publicity. And the brightness of this kind of display is generally high, for the target customer's attraction is strong, its advertisement's propaganda value also increases correspondingly.