- Jul 16, 2019-


As our global partner, China always keep business and friendship with  Saudi Arabia. They have a big revolution on the customs clearance and certifications. SASO makes an announcement that SABER will be enforced from Jan. 1st, 2019. The SABER  and SALEEM, issued by Saudi Arabia, have been implemented to replace SASO AND SASO-CoC.


What is SABER?

SABER certification is a compliance assessment program for non-local saudi enterprises (i.e., enterprises exporting to Saudi Arabia)

SALEEM and SABER are new upgrades based on SASO. They will replace SASO. SALEEM is a compliance assessment program for local Saudi enterprises.


How to divide SALEEM, SABER and SASO?

  1. SALEEM is a new evaluation program for conformity certification of products and batches of goods exporting to Saudi Arabia.

  2. The SALEEM project has launched a new online application system called "SABER".

  3. SABER is an online networking tool launched by the Saudi bureau of standards for product registration, distribution and compliance CoC certification.

  4. In SABER certification, products will be classified by risk category as high - medium - low. Different conformity testing procedures will be used accordingly by accredited institutions.

How to get SABER?

--Phrase one. PC certification(for product)

  • Importer registers SABER system account.

  • The importer fullfile application information in the SABER system.

  • The importer selects a licensing agency in the SABER system.

  • Pay for PC.

  • Issuing agency submits approved documents to SABER system.

  • PC certificate, valid for 1 year.

--Phrase two. SCOC certification(for inspection)

  • The importer submits the SCOC application to the SABER system.

  • The issuing agency confirms the validity of the PC certificate.

  • Pay for SCOC.

  • Issue SCOC certificate only for this batch of imported goods.

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