The Development Status Of Track Lamp

- Jun 12, 2018-

Rail lamp is a new lamp product, can adjust the Angle of irradiation freely, can be used for local lighting. Track lamp also borrows oneself original advantage to redefine lamps and lanterns market afresh. The following is an analysis of the development status of rail lights.

The development status of track lamp


Orbital lamp should be installed above the orbit of the match, contains the input voltage of the orbit (domestic is 220 v ac input, also can be made into low voltage input), on both sides of the rail internal containing conductive metal strip (made from copper, inferior by iron), and track light a joint rotatable conductive copper, when installation, track light above conductive copper comes into contact with the rail inside the conductive metal strip, can realize the track light electricity, light rail lamps.

Track lights are generally used as a specific type of projector. General commercial, such as shopping malls, clothing stores, furniture stores and other brand stores), car display, jewelry, star hotel, brand clothing, upscale clubs, cultural relics exhibition hall, chain stores, brand business hall, professional focus lighting places such as Windows, counter.

The advantage of track lamp is: 1, easy to match. Most of the track lamp has a cover, the drum cover is more popular in general, the rail lamp's support is mostly made of metal, rotary wood. Also notice that the choice or manufacture of bracket and base, must match well with chimney, cannot have "small people wear big cap" or "tall thin people wear small cap" the scale is maladjusted. A well - matched track lamp is very beautiful.

2. Simple fashion. The cover of track lamp, demand concise and easy, adornment sex is strong. Drum-type cover is more popular, Chinese lantern shape, lantern shape is more used. Some people like to make their own covers, such as large lampshades made from white film and pictures, which are very interesting.

3. Local lighting. Track lamp is used commonly make local illume, do not speak comprehensive character, and emphasize the convenience of move, build very practical to corner atmosphere. If the lighting mode of the track lamp is directly downward projection, it is suitable for reading and other activities that require concentration of mind. If indirect lighting, the overall light can be adjusted. The underside of the lampshade of the track lamp shall be more than 1.8 meters above the ground.

To sum up, now is the LED gradually mature age, the track lights on the market by the previous metal halide light source gradually replaced by LED light source, thus realizing more energy-saving, environmental protection, it is now commonly referred to as the orbits of the lamp, also referred to as slowly LED track light. The emergence of LED technology, greatly enriched the lighting products, lamps and lanterns is no longer a lamp holder can fit all a light source, smaller, thinner, more functional products on foreign markets with each passing day. Above is the analysis of the development status of track lamp.