The Custom Of The Mid-Autumn Lantern

- Sep 25, 2018-

The Mid-Autumn festival is a traditional Chinese festival. There are many interesting customs, such as enjoying the moon, drinking osmanthus wine, swinging, burning wattles and so on. There is also a very interesting custom, lighting lanterns, which is an indispensable custom every year.


On the night of the Mid-Autumn festival, the sky is as clear as water and the moon is as bright as a mirror. The custom of burning the lamp on a tower with tiles piled up around the lake. In the jiangnan area, there is a lighting ship festival customs. In modern times, the burning of lanterns more vulgar. Today, zhou yunjin, he xiangfei said in a paper: "guangdong is the most prosperous, every family on the festival ten days before the lanterns tied with bamboo. Make fruit, animals, fish and insects and celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival and other words, on paper painted a variety of colors. The candle with inside light of the middle autumn night is tied on bamboo pole, tall tree is on earthen eaves or terrace, or with small lamp build a glyph or a variety of shape, hang on house height, commonly known as the tree Mid-Autumn festival or vertical Mid-Autumn festival. The lantern hanging by the house of wealth, high as can be counted, family gathered under the lamp to enjoy drinking for joy, ordinary people set up a flag pole, two lanterns, also take their own joy. The city lights are the world of glass." It seems that the scale of the custom of burning lanterns during the Mid-Autumn festival is second only to that of the Lantern Festival.


Another way of saying is that, a long time ago, a fairy bird got lost and landed on the earth, but was shot dead by an unwitting hunter. The emperor of heaven was so furious that he ordered his troops to set fire to the earth on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, burning all human and animal property. The daughter of the emperor of heaven was so kind that she could not bear to see the suffering of the innocent people. A wise man came up with a plan. He told everyone to decorate their houses, light firecrackers and set off fireworks on the 14th, 15th and 16th of the first month. On the evening of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the emperor looked down and saw that there was a red glow on earth and the sound was so loud that it lasted for three consecutive nights. In order to commemorate this success, from now on, every family will hang lanterns to commemorate this day.