SWIN New Slim Design Swimming Pool Light Used In Both Concrete Pool And Vinyl Pool

- Jun 01, 2020-

SWIN New Slim Design Swimming Pool Light used in Both Concrete Pool and Vinyl Pool

Glad to share with you a cheerful thing .

Our SWIN successfully developed a new design swimming pool light.


12-30W   AC/DC 12V IP68
-Special design on the cover to prevent the dazzling bright to the eye.
-Wide application can be used in both Concrete Pool and Vinyl Pool.
-It can be replaced to conventional PAR56 bulbs, fitting in the various famous brands' niche like  Astral light niche and most of other brands.


I believe our new product will help you attract more potential customers and bring you more business.


Welcome to contact us for more details. Thank you


(Below are the pictures for 3D sample for your reference, all accessories will be same white for mass production.)