Split Solar Street Light And Integrated Solar Street Light

- Jul 24, 2019-

Solar energy is a new kind of energy. It is widely used in daily life, such as solar street lights.

There are two kinds of solar street lights  in the market. One is split solar street light, the other is Intergrated solor street light.

Let's know more about the solar street light.

  1. Split solar street light

The system is composed of LED light source (including driver), solar panel, storage battery, solar street light controller, street light pole and auxiliary wire.


  2. Integrated solar street light

The main components of the integrated solar street lamp are integrated lamp (built-in: high efficiency photovoltaic module, large capacity lithium battery, MPPT intelligent controller, high brightness LED light source, PIR human body induction probe, anti-theft mounting bracket) and street light pole.

The cost of the integrated solar street light is higher than that of the spirit  solar street light.

Considering the cost of later maintenance and installation, the integrated street light will be much cheaper than the spirit street light. Therefore, we suggest customers choose intergrated street light.