Mosquitoes Kill As Many As 725, 000 People A Year.

- Apr 09, 2018-

Mosquito harm, in addition to well-known harassment and biting, is the spread of disease.

Mosquito bites can spread disease, the zika virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, the brain and other diseases spread, the mosquito is the culprit. Mosquitoes kill as many as 725, 000 people a year!

Today, the deputy director of the Beijing center for disease control and prevention, zeng xiaopeng, will give a special lecture on the knowledge of anti-mosquito prevention.

The aerosol mosquito is a skill.

There are also many people who use aerosols. There is a misconception in this that many people think that they can kill mosquitoes after they have been sprayed with anti-mosquito aerosol, right? No, aerosols don't smell to kill mosquitoes, it's not the same as mosquito repellent. Mosquito-repellent incense can kill mosquitoes, but the aerosol is a killing agent, and mosquitoes and flies must be exposed to this drug before it can work. So the smell of the solvent is not going to kill the mosquitoes, and you have to remember that.

Aerosol is preferred to use point injection method, such as I saw the mosquitoes, flies, on it directly with the aerosol spray, cockroaches, directly to the cockroach spray, this is the method of aerosol preferable.

In the second case, there might be a lot of mosquitoes in this room, but I don't know where it is, what to do? We called space for mosquito spray, recommends the elevation of 45 degrees, shot two, go over there to spray two times, gush go up later, aerosol fog particles will slowly slowly settling, flies in the process of flying, its wings, the body will come into contact with. After spraying, close the doors and Windows. After 15 to 30 minutes, open the doors and Windows to ventilate the Windows, remove the odor and reduce the irritation to people. This is the correct use of aerosol.

First, the mosquito control water.

One of the simplest things to kill mosquitoes is not to save water, the flowerpots, the floor drains, the abandoned bathtub, the ditch at the door... Whenever there is water, clear off the water, do not let mosquitoes breed. Second, screen window, screen door must be arranged, prevent mosquito come in. There is an easy way to do this, which is to use an electric mosquito.

The electric mosquito coil is not more than 8 hours.

Now many people like to use electric mosquito coil incense, recommend not more than 8 hours, if you are too weak or allergy, recommend to mosquito coil also should be careful use. If the airtight use, try to use after the window ventilation.

Children are less likely to use potions.

The mosquito should pay special attention to little use potion, but the child is easy to recruit mosquito, how to do?

First, it's best to use physical methods, such as bed nets. Second, too much is not recommended use mosquito-repellent incense, if really have the mosquito in the home, you can put the mosquito-repellent incense point in advance, some two or three hours, and then turn off the mosquito-repellent incense, and then open a window ventilated, scatter smell, let their children to go to bed. Third, if you want to apply insect repellent, is not recommended for children under two years of age, especially do not recommend using this ingredient deet, for there are experiments of deet in infants and young children of the nervous system and skin damage, so don't recommend use of infants and young children.

Is toilet water repellent?

Go out to play, many people like to wipe the dew, flower dew is the mosquito repellent? Not necessarily. It is important to note that there are two kinds of dew, one is called flower dew, and the other is repellent, which is different. If you want to drive midge must buy mosquito repellent toilet water, on the basis of relieving itching, refreshing also added the active components of insect repellent, so if you want to drive midge must buy mosquito repellent toilet water, simple toilet water is not to drive midge effect.

After mosquito bites how to stop itching?

After being bitten by a mosquito, it is really itchy, but we try not to scratch it so as not to cause inflammation. The application of wind oil can relieve itching. Can also use some alkaline substances, for example with soap, soap is alkaline, because in the mosquito bite can secrete a kind of material, called formate, with soap, ammonia, some basic things, so can neutralize it, have the effect of relieving itching.