Maintenance Method Of Outdoor LED Display

- Dec 07, 2017-

1. High temperature, high humidity does not boot

When the air is too humid, the electronic components of the LED display are connected to each other, and if the circuit board is not dry, it is easy to burn the parts due to local short-circuit.

2, regular dust wipe

Outdoor LED display hanging in the outdoor, wind blown dust dust accumulated a lot of, not only affect the perception of shadow, and, dust accumulation will make the LED display cooling uneven. Dust removal methods are: wind blowing, brush removal or alcohol wipe. Do not wipe the display with water, for the first reason.

3, supply voltage to stabilize

Unstable voltage easily cause voltage breakdown, in the industrial zone installed the most Word-of-mouth outdoor LED display, you can consider the line first over voltage regulator, and then access to the screen scheme.

4, the temperature is too high when the shutdown

When the temperature is high, the LED cooling speed is slow, the screen is easy because the temperature is too high and the crash. The time of shutdown is usually at night and the amount of people is low.

5, on/off according to the rules

Daily boot, to follow the "open the first computer mainframe, shut down the computer host" mode to open the outdoor LED display.

6, do not install the LED display in front of the air conditioner outside the machine

LED display in the use of the process will be due to pollution, loosening, vibration, heating, environmental temperature changes and other factors caused a variety of failures, the normal use of LED display, or even serious accidents.