How To Choose The Lamp For The Reloading Car

- Jun 20, 2018-

As We all know that different car parts come from different manufacturers, and different materials have different effects. Therefore, if the parts of many models are damaged, they must be repaired and replaced by the original manufacturer, but the cost is relatively high. Therefore, some people choose to go to the ordinary car repair shop in order to save money, but this may cause damage to the car itself due to the mismatch of parts. You might think that the powertrain is exaggerating, but today the powertrain gives you a simple example -- the headlights of a car, the only part that has multiple materials.

The current model is equipped with a variety of lamp sources, halogen lamps, xenon lamps, LED lights, which are more common, and a laser headlamp is less used. Among them, the halogen lamp is the time of the earliest and most widely used, generally used for low-end models, or a range of low and medium models, and xenon lamp, LED lamp is generally applied to the high-end models.

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Halogen lamps have the advantage of low cost, simple manufacturing process, and thanks to their low color temperature, better penetrability and quick response when opened. It is worth mentioning that in the rain and fog weather, the radiation width of about 4.5 meters is more penetrating, the light is even, can better guarantee the safety of driving.

Halogen lamp beads: average life 5000 hours. Of course, there are several obvious disadvantages to halogen headlamps. First of all, the temperature. Because of its working principle, the temperature of halogen headlamps is relatively high.


Xenon lamp stands for HID and refers to high pressure gas discharge lamp. Xenon headlamps is brightness, can reach about three times as much as the halogen headlights, driving at night can provide better lighting effect, and still less electricity than halogen headlight, plus no filament structure, many on the durability is better.

However, compared with halogen headlamps, xenon headlamps have poor penetration and slow response speed when started. It takes 6-8s to fully light up. Especially in fog and snow weather, xenon headlamps have very weak penetration. In many cities, such as chengdu, where it is impossible to honk, it is impossible to "shake" the car in front of you with a headlight and rely on xenon headlights. Xenon headlamps must be equipped with lenses because of poor concentration and bright light, which can easily cause accidents by shaking the driver of the opposite vehicle.


Finally, the new favorite of the big car enterprises, LED headlights. Compared with xenon headlamps and halogen headlamps, LED headlamps have the biggest advantage of low energy consumption, which is 1/20 of that of halogen lamps, which is very popular today for advocating energy conservation and emission reduction.

LED the life of another big advantage is its, even can reach 100000 hours, and its brightness don't loss to the xenon headlamps, and penetrability and are much stronger than xenon lamp on, coupled with the instant on speed and security properties of the low pressure, all let the LED lamps become more and more luxury brands to choose from.

For some friends who prefer to reinstall their cars, they can install LED headlights, which are bright enough and the lighting distance is not too long. If the headlights are not on, they will not flash to the opposite owner. And stylist can combine it into all sorts of fashionable modelling, make the lamplight effect of dazzle and cool, can greatly enhance the identification degree of car body.