How To Choose Swimming Pool Lights?

- Jul 02, 2019-

There are many styles and specs for led pool lights in the market. 

How do we choose swimming pool lights? 

  1. The selection of swimming pool lights are related to the design of the pool. 

    Below are some different types of swimming pool lights:

  • Wall Mounted Pool Light


  • Recessed Pool Light (Par56 with fixture)


  • Adjustable Pool Light


  • Underground Pool Light


2. Wattage: 18w and 30w are the most popular.

3. The size of pool light: According to the size of the pool and the watts.

4. Light Color: Single color or RGB Color.

5. Transformer: A stable transformer is very important. Notice: The power of the transformer is much greater than the sum of all the pool lights in the pool.