High End Residential Swimming Pool Lighting Requirements

- Mar 14, 2018-

With the development of LED technology, pool lighting becomes more and more attractive and interesting.Due to the rich color temperature of LED light source, RGB and even RGBW are flexible, and with its energy saving and long maintenance cycle, LED pool lamps are now widely used.So for today's pool lighting, what should we consider when designing?Today we will discuss several points:


1. Consider the lighting of the surrounding environment, not just the swimming pool itself.

First of all, the most important but often forgotten is that when designing pool lights, forget about the ambient light of the surrounding environment, just designing the pool itself.


We need to remember that the pool lighting of the three important functions: light up the pool on the ground and wall, light the people and the objects in the water swimming, and illuminates the water itself have certain glare effect.The final implementation requires a small particle or bubble in the water to shine on.The pool light needs to be able to catch up with the brighter ambient light, so there are a lot of pool lights.Because ambient light is indirect lighting, it greatly reduces the amount of light and glare generated on the water surface.To make the pool more uniform, the light beam Angle is about 90 degrees.

2. The lighting design should be considered in the swimming pool design stage.

The second important factor is that the lighting design of the pool should be taken into consideration early in the design stage of the swimming pool.

When the concrete of the pool is watered down, and the embedded parts of the lamps are not put in, it is difficult to do, and needs to be drilled in the concrete.

And it is not recommended to wear a pool light in a public pool because it is easily damaged.

Maintenance of pool lamps is cumbersome, so you need to use good quality lamps and long life light sources, not to mention the IP level must reach 68.

3. Other TIPS for swimming pool lighting design.

1) installation depth

Depending on the depth of the pool and the Angle of the light beam, the installation depth of the lamp is usually 600-700mm, and the shallow children pool is 4000-500mm.

Remember, only when the light hits the water-air interface is the incident Angle less than 41 degrees will reflect back to the surface.If the depth of the installation is too shallow, the light escapes from the water and runs into the air before it hits the water (for example, the swimmer) and looks down from the water, and there is a large dark area below the lamp.If the installation is too deep, you will see a bright spot under the lamp, which will not be enough when the swimmer is close to the lamp.

2) lighting fitting

When considering the problem of light distribution, we need to think about whether we need more uniform lighting or some kind of accent lighting, or both.

Most of the underwater lights have 10 to 90 degrees of different light beams, and some have "Multiflux" multiple light distribution, such as the 120 beam Angle but the center has a 30 degree narrow beam.For a shallow pool less than 1.5 meters, use an elliptical matching light, such as 15 x 40 degrees, to avoid strong light and light loss.

3) dimming control

Pool lighting rarely requires dimming, unless the same luminaire is used everywhere, but in some places it does not require 100% brightness.It is necessary to consider whether to adjust light in the design and selection of lamps.

However, many times the pool needs to be able to adjust the color of RGB or RGBW, which requires a good controller, such as DMX control.If you want a good color effect and a good white light, you should use RGBW LED lights to control the red, green and white leds alone.

Most pool lighting, users like only one controller, there are several set of static or dynamic scenes, each scene can be controlled and adjusted individually.In addition, the scene of the swimming pool is set together with the lighting scene of surrounding environment.

In a word, design a satisfied pool light, the design requirement is very high, need sufficient consideration.At the same time, need good lamps and lanterns quality, the light flux of lamps and lanterns, size, color, color temperature, beam Angle and so on all need collocation is good.