Full Color Display SMD LED Technical Characteristics

- Dec 07, 2017-

One, has a wide perspective for the table screen display, in the horizontal direction has more than 110 degrees of perspective, in the vertical direction also has the same performance, in a lot of external environment, such a large perspective is very advantageous.

Second, the blue red and green LEDs appear to have the same brightness at all angles on the light distribution, this allows the screen to display a more perfect playback effect, regardless of the viewer at any angle can enjoy the best color picture, and not like other types of screen, in the case of angular bias, There is a case of color distortion.

Third, in the mixed light, because of its three and Miriam chip design structure, so that the distance very small chip body, can be in the same bracket cup of light mixing, different from the ordinary led three chips in different led, in the mixed light performance is poor. In close proximity to watch, the watch display will have a good viewing effect.

Four, in contrast, because of its structure of three and one, SMD will be very small, the result is a small area of light formation, and has a large area of the black area, the contrast of the screen is very high.

Five, in the production of products, table screen display automation is high, it can be fully automated equipment for SMT production, has a high efficiency, and its cost is much lower.

The weight of the body is very light, this and its box used aluminum alloy material has a great relationship, not only light weight, but also very beautiful, in the long time after use, there will be no deformation of the situation, whether it is for the rental products company, or users themselves to buy, have very high use value.