Application Of Farm Lights

- Jun 24, 2019-

The light help plants and animals grow. Farm light and plant light are becoming more and more popular.


Light has an obvious regulating effect on the growth and development of chickens. In commercial layer production, artificial light is often used to supple the shortage of natural light, or it is only applied to adjust the light according to what layer need reasonably.


By controlling the light intensity, color wavelength and irradiation time of the biological supplementary lamp, it shows remarkable influenceincluding their immune function, the metabolism of organic substances, the acceleration or inhibition of sexual maturity, the egg-laying ability of hens and the semen quality of roosters.


Most chicken farms used incandescent light source before. The lights are low luminous efficiency, high energy consumption, and unadjustable. Through the adjustable light biological supplement lamp, it supplys the light for the life span of the chicken in fosterage, growth and laying. Dimming control supplementary light lamp performs cutting front phase and back phase when the light is turned on, off and adjusted. That is to say, the light is set to change slowly (usually within 5 minutes), so as to avoid causing pecking and death due to the stress response of the chickens.