Why do led lights need aging tests?

- Nov 01, 2018-

In general, as a new energy LED energy-saving technology came into use in the early stages of will appear a certain degree of light, if we LED the material of the product itself is not good, or in the production operation is not standard, the product will appear dim light, flashing, fault, the phenomenon such as intermittent light, LED lamps and lanterns is not as expected as long service life.

Why led lamp aging, in order to prevent the led quality problems, to control the welding quality of encapsulation invalidation, aging test for led products, ensure the reliability of electronic products, this is the most essential step in the process of production, in the process of the aging temperature adaptability test, a simulated voltage area (high, medium and low) impact test and destructive test, and online monitoring drive power supply techniques such as current, voltage and product changes.

Why led lights age? If there is no aging process, the product quality cannot be guaranteed, and there will be failure at the initial stage of use at any time, which will greatly increase the cost of the manufacturer. By contrast, the product has passed the professional aging before coming out of the market, and the efficiency of the lamp has been improved and the efficiency stability of the later stage has been greatly increased.