Where are LED body sensing lights suitable for?

- Nov 30, 2018-

Where are LED body sensing lights suitable for? According to its characteristic, the position that needs constant brightness may not suit quite, but following a few positions, it is again suit not.

1. LED human body induction lamp shall be installed in the corridor

Traditional induction lamp is installed in corridor more, consist by two parts commonly, it is switch of human body induction face plate, 2 it is illuminant, illuminant is incandescent lamp mostly, both depart, it is good to be about line and position cloth when the building. Tungsten filament in incandescent lamps cannot withstand frequent switching, so every year to replace the broken lamp, manual maintenance costs are too high. LED human body induction lamp has built-in light source and human body induction device. It only needs to be installed and screwed into the general E27 lamp holder to achieve the human body induction lamp. People come to light and go out. When installing, it should be placed at the corner of the upper and lower staircases, so that people who go upstairs and downstairs can be sensed. In addition, LED light source has a long life and low voltage, and frequent switching has no impact on it.

2. Balcony installation LED human body induction lamp

Since all the time, the illume lamps and lanterns above the balcony is a incandescent lamp or the floodlight of type of the top that suck, the balcony belongs to half outdoors, open the lamp in the evening, mosquito and fly bug can circle a lamp to turn, also do not remember to close the lamp of the balcony from time to time in the life. Install LED human body to feel bulb or human body to feel LED to absorb dome light in this position, these two problems can be solved, LED is to belong to cold light source, do not contain ultraviolet ray, won't attract mosquito, intelligence feels human body, the light is constant during the activity of the balcony, the person leaves hind the light is put out, save power convenient again.