What are the characteristics of the three-color temperature lamp

- Jul 25, 2018-

1. Long service life: the service life of the lamp tube is 10,000 hours, 60 times that of the existing thermal light lamps.

2. Low temperature: the surface temperature of the lamp tube is low, so that the irradiated object has almost no temperature rise.

3. Low power: more than 70% energy is saved compared with the heat source lamps

4. Color temperature accuracy: color reduction rate is high, color rendering index of lamp tube reaches 95-100, color temperature is 3200K/4000K/5600K.

5. Soft light: soft light, no strobe, no noise, no radiant heat, no strong glare phenomenon, so that the illuminated personnel are comfortable and relaxed.

6. The lamp body is made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles and steel plates. The lamp body structure is a double sandwich structure, and the parts are all made of professional molds.

7. The lamp holder and lamp trailer are imported, safe and reliable. The lamp holder adopts fast locking device, which is convenient for the lamp tube to be disassembled, and the interface is made of high quality brass.

8. The surface of the lamp body is sprayed with high-temperature powder, which does not reflect light. Strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and long - term high temperature are not easy to fall off and can effectively resist the scratches of hard objects.

9. There is no special "blue ray hazard" problem of other LED and other lamps. It can be used to protect the eyes of lamps and lanterns to effectively alleviate acid and eye astringency