UV-C LED Air and Water Sterilization Market Increase Quickly.

- Feb 02, 2018-


Photonics West 2018 is the largest and most concentrated international photoelectric exhibition in the United States. It is held annually in San Francisco and is an international photoelectric industry event. R crystal as one of the famous uv LED and infrared LED manufacturers, many years experience in specialization in close cooperation with chip manufacturers, packaging product development and optical design, combining the advantages of the above three main ultraviolet and infrared packaging products, uv products have been used in curing market, under 10 centimeters of distance, can reach 8 w/cm2 radiation intensity of illumination; Infrared LED products have also been shipped to laptops for use in face recognition markets.

The end brand manufacturer has regarded uv-c LED as the product promotion of additional value, so we have seen several orders of static water and air sterilization and purification products in 2017-2018. Static Water Sterilization market contains stored Water Sterilization and carrying type Water Sterilization products market (Portable Water Sterilization), which in the static Water Sterilization market, with 1-3 mw of UV LED products - C bacteriostatic function, can achieve rapid driving UV -c LED products market demand. As product prices fall in 2018, more market demand and products will be stimulated. And then type Water Sterilization products (Portable Water Sterilization) such as vacuum flask brands are said to match the UV - C is also interested in LED products, tie-in Bioraytron 10 mw UV -c LED products, under the 90 seconds of time can reach 99.999% Sterilization ability. In addition, in the air purification market, Bioraytron provides customers with encapsulated products, which can generally achieve the bacteriostatic effect of about 70-80% in confined Spaces.