Transparent LED Display

- Feb 09, 2018-

Transparent display LED display, we usually referred to as transparent screen or LED glass LED screen, in the process of product after two years of the 2016201 7 precipitation technology, and application, the product itself and application solutions have also been increasingly mature and stable. The year 2018 will be an explosive growth year for this product.

LED transparent screen is similar to LED glass screen. As the name suggests, it is a product of LED displays that seek better transparency, reduce or change materials. This kind of screen is mostly used in the place where glass is installed, so it is also known as transparent screen.

The LED transparent screen has the advantages of easy control, low voltage dc drive, rich color performance and long service life of the traditional LED display. Because of its unique advantages in the glass curtain wall, it is widely used in city lighting project and large screen display system.

Can be used as an indoor display walls at the same time, they are widely used in large square lighting, stage set, bar, luxury ballroom, city landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, auto 4 s shops, hotels, Banks, such as the brand chain, it has LED display screen has both the glass screen is practical, and has a certain beautiful sex and concealment.

Transparent screen production process there are two, one is a table side light, the process of the process is relatively simpler, but light Angle affected by light bead placement Angle is smaller, be affected by some imaging effect. On the other hand, side posts are glowing, and the requirements for the patch process are high, and the manufacturers who have mastered the patch are relatively few. Below is a picture of the side sticking up. The difficulty is great, but the reality is much better than the previous one.