The Zebra Crossing Is Equipped With LED Linear

- Feb 26, 2018-

According to reports, a British designer studio offering a safer for pedestrians crossing the road design, install a LED linear to each side of the zebra crossing, light line can be induced to pedestrians crossing the street and turn red, remind the motor vehicle parking waiting.

The lights are usually flashing and orange, and when pedestrians are to step on the zebra crossing, they turn red and return to their normal state after the pedestrians leave the zebra crossing.

According to the UK's latest traffic casualty statistics, the UK has an average of about 20 traffic accidents involving pedestrians crossing the road every day. Traffic safety experts believe that installing LED linear on zebra crossings helps reduce accidents, especially in the night or fog.

The LED linear also help protect people who are distracted while crossing the street, says alex boone, who helped design the device.