The function characteristic of induction lamp

- Nov 29, 2018-

1. Automatic control products based on infrared technology, when someone enters the switch induction range, the special sensor detects the change of human infrared spectrum, switch on load automatically. People do not leave and in the activity, the switch continues to lead; After the person leaves, the switch delay time automatically closes the load, the person arrives at the light to turn on, the person leaves the light to turn off, friendly and convenient, safe energy saving.

2. Zero-crossing detection function: non-contact electronic switch can extend the service life of load.

3. apply photosensitive control, switch automatic metering, light intensity is not induced.

4. Power saving: the average annual electricity charge of each household is less than 2.00 yuan for the calculation of one ladder and two floor lamps

5. Security: using infrared sensor technology, no sound, no touch, guarantee to light no dark areas, effectively improve the quality of modern residential areas and security.

6. Beauty: elegant and pleasing to the eye design, convenient installation, improve the taste of the community,

7. The reliability of the induction: due to the use of silicon controlled rectifier circuit, high reliability, and the number of induction work is almost endless, is the best in the same products of the electronic circuit, electronic circuit board with the other sources are relay, use have specific provision, and directly affected by the relay quality, more easily out of the line fault.