The disadvantage of energy-saving lamps

- Dec 07, 2017-

1, energy-saving lamp start slow

2, energy-saving lamp is Mingling (discontinuous), so the usual energy-saving lamp purple light, in the energy-saving lamp to see things will be seriously discolored. Blue will turn purple and red and yellow will look brighter. So in the color of the workplace is not appropriate to use energy-saving lamps.

Energy-saving lamps used ballast in the production of instantaneous high-pressure, will produce a certain electromagnetic radiation. The electromagnetic radiation from the energy-saving lamp also comes from the ionization reaction of the electron and the mercury gas, at the same time, energy-saving lamps need to add rare earth fluorescent powder, because the rare earth phosphor itself radioactive, energy-saving lamps will also produce ionizing radiation (that is, radiation radiation), compared to electromagnetic radiation on the human body, excessive radiation radiation on the human body harm more worthy of concern.