The Difference Of Led Encapsulation

- Feb 07, 2018-

What are the advantages of COB technology compared with traditional packaging technology?

1. High packaging efficiency and cost saving.

COB encapsulation process and SMD production processes were similar, but the COB encapsulation in dispensing, separation, spectral and packaging on the encapsulation efficiency is more higher, compared with the traditional SMD can save 5% of any fee and material.

2. Advantages of low thermal resistance.

The system thermal resistance structure of traditional SMD encapsulation is: chip - solid crystal glue - solder - solder paste - copper foil - insulating layer - aluminum. The system thermal resistance of COB encapsulation is: chip - solid crystal glue - aluminum. COB encapsulated system thermal resistance is much lower than that of traditional SMD packaging system thermal resistance, so the service life of LED lamps is greatly improved.

3. Advantages of light quality.

Traditional SMD encapsulates the light source components of the LED application on the PCB board through the form of patch, which has the problem of light, glare and shadow. COB packaging is an integrated package, which is a surface light source, with a large Angle and easy adjustment, which reduces the loss of light refraction.

The traditional SMD packaging method is to attach multiple different devices to the PCB board and make up the LED light source module. This kind of encapsulation process is made of light source which is widely used in electric light, heavy shadow and glare. COB light source does not have the above problem, it belongs to the surface light source, the visual Angle is large and easy to adjust the Angle, reduces the loss caused by the refraction of the light.

4. Advantages

COB light source application is very convenient, no other process can be applied directly to lamps. However, the traditional SMD package light source also needs to be attached first, and then it is fixed on the PCB board through reflow soldering. It is not as convenient as COB in application.