The classification of Led High Bay Lamp & Led Foodlight

- Nov 09, 2018-

According to bright function can be divided into general lamp and local lamp two kinds.

General lighting

General floodlight is arranged equably on the upper part of the place or side wall normally, illume whole working face, need USES the incandescent lamp of bigger power, halogen tungsten lamp, high intensity gas discharge lamp or the fluorescent lamp with more number, of course, still have compare energy-saving and high-power LED worker lamp to wait, the vast majority of industry and mineral lamp belongs to this kind. General floodlight has higher demand to the distribution of the light, extensive use direct illume model and half direct illume model two kinds of distribution of light, especially latter. Part of the semi-direct lighting type illuminates the ceiling with upward light, increasing the ceiling's brightness and creating a more comfortable, brighter environment.

Local lamp

Local lighting lamp is a kind of luminaire which can improve the illumination of a working part. Its function can be in general illume foundation strengthens, compensatory illume, also can be in the place that does not need illume at ordinary times (if equipment is repaired, maintain place) serve as temporary illume. Most of them have no strict light distribution. Local lighting is usually installed near the working area, and incandescent lamps and halogen tungsten lamps with safe ultra-low voltage (less than or equal to 50V, effective ac value) are used as the light source. There are (portable) line lamp, hanging lamp, working desk lamp, machine tool working lamp, etc. In some high - rise factory building, also use cast light lamp to make local lighting sometimes.