specific performance of high-quality spot

- Nov 28, 2018-

Let's talk about the specific performance of high-quality spot

High quality LED spotlights, its optical processing is bound to be very particular about -- because the reflector light distribution is uniform, so the natural and comfortable light spot, irradiation intensity gradually to the outside of the blur, the external light natural diffusion, irradiation clear, no shadow black spot.

And contrary, match the reflector with uneven light, smooth effect utilization rate is low, the smooth spot that hits out has "black spot dark area", haloes transition is abrupt, dazzle, still accompanying miscellaneous shadow empty shadow (deputy smooth spot is apparent), saw a person to have uncomfortable feeling, let alone hit go up in article to do key illume to be able to have much awkwardness more.

In the left picture, the spot produced by the spotlights is stiff and the secondary spot is obvious.

The spot that place of spot of right graph spotlights presents is transitional even, weaken auxiliary spot, very downy and comfortable.

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