Some introduction to wall lamp

- Oct 12, 2018-

Wall lamp is installed in balcony, stair, corridor corridor and bedroom more, appropriate makes long light; Color wall lamp is mostly used in festivals and festivals; Most of the headlamp is installed in the upper left of the headlamp, the headlamp can rotate in all directions, the light beam is concentrated, easy to read; Mirror front wall lamp is much adornment is used near toilet mirror.

The installation height of the wall lamp should be slightly over 1.8 meters high. Wall lamp of illumination shoulds not be too large, it is full of artistic appeal, the wall lamp chimney should be selected according to the wall color, white or yellow walls, appropriate USES the chimney of shallow green, light blue, light green and the sky blue walls, appropriate is used the chimney of milky white, pale yellow, dark brown, so, in a large area of color background wall cloth, a visible wall lamp on the ornament, give a person with elegant and pure and fresh feeling.

The wire that connects wall lamp wants to choose light color, facilitate besmear and wall color consistent coating, in order to maintain metope neat. Additional, can dig the small groove of the cable that embed right on the wall first, embed cable, fill with lime flat, besmear again the coating with the same as wall color.