Salt Spray Test

- Jan 19, 2018-

The artificial simulated salt spray test for led recessed downlights includes the neutral salt spray test, the acetate fog test, the copper salt accelerated acetate mist test and the alternating salt spray test.

Salt spray test.

It is one of the most widely used accelerated corrosion test methods. In general, it USES 5% sodium chloride saline solution, and the PH value of the solution is adjusted in the neutral range (6.5 ~ 7.2) as a solution for spraying. Salt spray test temperature 35 ℃, requirements of sedimentation rate in 1 ~ 3 ml / 80 cm2. H, between subsidence are generally 1 ~ 2 ml / 80 cm2. H.

Salt spray test.

It was developed on the basis of the neutral salt spray test. It is adding some glacial acetic acid to the 5% sodium chloride solution, reducing the PH of the solution to about 3, the solution becomes acidic, and the resulting salt mist becomes acidic by the neutral salt mist. Its corrosion rate is about three times faster than the NSS test.

Copper salt accelerated acid salt spray test.

Is abroad recently developed a kind of fast corrosion test, salt spray test temperature is 50 ℃, salt solution to add a small amount of copper salt, copper chloride, strongly induced corrosion. Its corrosion rate is about eight times that of the NSS test.

Alternating salt spray test.

It is a comprehensive salt spray test, which is actually a neutral salt spray test with a constant humid heat test. It is mainly used in the cavity type of the whole machine product, through the permeation of the tidal state environment, the salt mist corrosion not only in the product surface, but also in the product. It is to change the product in the salt mist and the hot and humid environment, and finally check the electrical and mechanical properties of the whole product.