Protection index of Led underwater lights

- Aug 21, 2018-

The protection indexes of Led underwater lights can be divided into two aspects: dustproof and waterproof. According to the IEC standard, the international protection marking symbol is as follows:

1. Class of dust prevention

National standard stipulates, the dustproof class of lamps and lanterns divides 6 class. The 6th grade is the highest, and the dust protection grade of underwater lights shall reach the 6th grade, and its marking symbol is IP6X.

2. Waterproof level

National standard stipulates, the waterproof grade of lamps and lanterns is 8 grades. Grade 6 is water splashing type, grade 7 is water tight type, and grade 8 is pressurized water tight type. The eighth grade is the highest, and the waterproofing level of underwater lights shall meet the requirements of the eighth grade, and its marking symbol is IPX8.

Based on the above two requirements,the led underwater lights has a dustproof rating of grade 6 and a waterproof rating of grade 8, and its marking symbol is IP68.