Operating Principle Mosquito Lamp

- Apr 12, 2018-

Effect principle

When entomologists study the physiology of mosquitoes, they find that mosquitoes (and many insects, including moths) are particularly sensitive to light and like it, and are particularly disgusted with others. According to this principle, researchers have developed a special source of mosquito repellent that can repel mosquitoes.

Photonic insect repellent has successfully applied this principle. By using special light source material, it produces a lot of light that mosquitoes don't like, thus achieving the effect of mosquito repellent. Since the insect repellent is used to repel mosquitoes in visible light, it is the most safe and environment-friendly high mosquito repellent product at home and abroad, so it is not harmful to human body and environment.

At this stage, most people confuse the concept of mosquito repellent lamp and mosquito lamp, which is due to people's habit of subconscious. Please note that the insect repellent light is yellow, filtering ultraviolet and infrared rays, and will not cause any harm to the human body. The mosquito lamp is used to kill mosquitoes when they are close to the mosquito. Both belong to different product categories.

Operating Principle 

It is known that mosquitoes hide during the day and bite at night. That is to say, there are mosquito fears in the sun. LED insect repellent light makes a part of the light that mosquitoes fear in the sunlight, and should also have the function of insect repellent. It is not the lamp that can repel mosquitoes, but it is not LED.

Mosquitoes respond differently to different light waves: the people eye the most acceptable, eyestrain, at least to see also the chu 530-590 nm band of light waves, the mosquito has its inherent backlight biological features, it is afraid of the light, When they see it, they run in the opposite direction; The light below 500nm is the "visible light" of the mosquito, and the mosquito has its inherent photophobia, which can be seen clearly in this light wave, and it likes to live under the light waves. Fear LED drive midge light of the sun's light onto the mosquitoes made in part to the lamp light waves, so, under the LED drive midge lamp, mosquito very uncomfortable, it is not right towards LED drive midge light, bright light window mosquitoes fly into indoor, hit the lights fled instead, indoor didn't escape is hiding, is too late to hide in the air flying slowly, slowly flying mosquitoes don't bite, that perhaps it is not surprising.

To understand the reason why light waves repel mosquitoes, there is no need to worry about whether the LED insect repellent is harmful to humans. Because mosquitoes is afraid of light for 530-590 nm, exactly is the most beneficial to human eyes, eyestrain, at least to see the clear light, so people work during the day or the labor, the mosquito is hiding in the shadows, not mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are responsible for the spread of infectious diseases such as malaria and light leather. In order to reduce disease and rest well, people commonly use various mosquito repellent incense, electric mosquito coil incense and various aerosol mosquito repellent, all are chemical.

They also harm humans and pollute the environment while killing mosquitoes and mosquitoes. Some people go to bed one night mosquito coil incense, the next morning will appear throat dry, dizziness and other symptoms. And LED repellent lights are used in sunlight.

The human eye is beneficial and the mosquito is afraid of the light wave to carry out the physical insect repellent, the realization of both mosquito repellent and harmless environmental protection goal.