Narrow The Size Of Led Chip Encapsulation

- Feb 08, 2018-

Light reduce fiercely competitive consumer applications, such as backlit, lighting the sprint infrared, small spacing display, such as product line, is already the global leadership of small spacing LED packaging products factory, in view of the small distance between the LED size miniaturization continued efforts, with 18-035 (0505), 18-0505 (0606) series of minimal size encapsulation, high-density design can realize micro spacing P0.7 mm.

Part in the field of special billboards, light developed pixel Shared (virtual pixels), and the application of penetration indicator scheme for the customer to choose, RGGB machine four seed pixels share as design concept, through to speed up the IC scanning frequency, different LED chip in the packaging can be driven at the same time, apply to the human eye persistence of vision features, a billboard acme virtual pixels pixel density effect, in this way, without increasing the LED quantity and difficult SMT technology, can achieve the effect of the distance between micro display.