Lumileds Pushes The Fourth Generation COB LED

- Mar 01, 2018-

Today, Lumileds has launched the fourth generation of CoB LED -- LUXEON CoB Core Range, which is the market leader in efficiency and light quality. With the new LUXEON CoB Core Range, Lumileds sets a new standard for the industry to be more than 5% of the nearest competitor. Most impressive of all, this series of excellent performance and high color index. "The goal of Lumileds is to solve the efficiency gap between 80CRI and 90CRI CoB, which is a common problem in the industry. Through this new generation of products, we have improved the performance of 90CRI LED by 12%, greatly reducing this gap. In the past, customers had to weigh the quality of light and efficiency, and with these products, they didn't have to make this sacrifice, "says Eric Senders, product line director at LUXEON CoB Core Range.


Lumileds under 90 cri provides more than 130 lm/W remarkable effectiveness (70 cri under more than 170 lm/W) ability owes much to Lumileds own phosphor development and engineering, as well as the precise process and production control of the company production facilities. Thanks to these improvements, Lumileds also increased the thermal resistance of CoB by 25%, further reducing the burden on the radiators and reducing the size of optical elements at the system level. To achieve excellent lighting efficiency and smaller size.

LUXEON CoB Core Range (fourth generation) will be exhibited at the upcoming international lighting and building technology and equipment exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany (March 18th to 23th).