Lumen Density Of Cree Led Chip Exceed 280 Lm Per mm Squared

- Jan 25, 2018-

CREE officially announced the industry's first ultra-high Density XLamp XD16 LED for commercial production.

XD16 lumen density can be up to 5.5 times the density of the high-power LED lumens in the previous generation. Based on Cree groundbreaking NX technology platform, XD16 breakthrough lumens density, low optical loss, excellent heat dissipation management and system characteristics such as simplicity, to including road lighting, industrial lighting, flashlights, bring innovative new design of a variety of applications.

Joe Skrivan, senior technical director at Black Diamond Equipment, said: "the new XD16 is providing a surprisingly high level of light output in very small packages. XD16's breakthrough lumen output and peak intensity will bring important changes to the Black Diamond outdoor climbing headlamp product. Compared with the existing product design, XD16 can help us achieve better beam control design, reduce the overall size of the headlamp and reduce the headlamp weight.