Led Sensor Bulbs

- Jan 09, 2018-

led sensor bulbs is a kind of new intelligent lighting product which is illuminated by the automatic control of the sensor module. Material from a source, the LED as frequent switch intermittent lighting light source, relative incandescent lamp and all kinds of fluorescent lamp, is undoubtedly the most ideal choice, the switch long life, fast response, high photosynthetic efficiency, small volume, easy to control the characteristics of the perfect embodiment. On the other hand, more intelligent, no manual switch on the light bulb.

1. LED light source in the application of led sensor bulbs products, make public the advantages (switch, long life, high light efficiency, small volume, easy to control), avoiding the shortcomings (no light failure caused by continuous high temperature, tend to be low color is not a problem).

2. The efficiency of power saving can quickly recover the early high input, which saves a lot of labor costs.

3. The automatic switch brings great convenience to people's life, people (cars) come to light, people (cars) go out of lights. Especially suitable for use in underground garage, stair walkway, automatic workshop, warehouse, elevator entrance, porch, balcony and other areas that need automatic opening and closing of lighting.

According to the different sensing mode, there are 2 types of LED sensor lamps: 1. LED infrared sensor lamp; 2. Radar sensor lamp; LED infrared sensor lamp is widely recognized by the public because of its high efficiency, energy saving, high sensitivity and long service life.