Led Light Uniform

- Jan 22, 2018-

In traffic on the road, in the traffic police and duty from dangerous degree is high, in order to ensure the safety of the traffic police, police in Calcutta, India change uniforms, using uniform loading LED lighting, let drive at night or during the fog is easier to notice the directing traffic in the street.

The LED uniforms could keep traffic police safe during dark hours and reduce the risk of accidents, according to senior officials of the Indian transport police in kolkata, India. The equipment, which was launched locally a year ago, can ensure the safety of the crew during fog or smog.

Designers will be composed of red LED and blue LED ring lamp device in the epaulettes, the Indian military is 1000, and in order to improve the safety of the traffic police, the future will be distributed to 3000 traffic team personnel. And because the LED lights will continue to shine, the police will be able to find the police at a distance of 500 meters, and will also be able to warn the driver to control the speed.