LED Corn Lamp Industry Knowledge

- May 22, 2018-

Led corn lamp is a kind of led lamp, belongs to the light source class, 360 degree surround the light, its shape and the lamp bead distribution is like the corn stick, called the led corn lamp.

 led corn bulb.jpg   

Its light body is compact and easy to install. It is mainly used to replace traditional light sources (incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, etc.); The style is fashionable, the craft is fine, the product serialization can replace most traditional light source.

led corn bulb4.jpg

Maize lamps are usually installed in the bedroom, living room, the surrounding ceiling of the toilet. This hidden luminaire, embedded in the ceiling, is a direct light, with all the light coming down. Different light effects can be achieved with different reflectors, lenses, blinds, and light bulbs. Maize lamp does not occupy space, can increase the downy atmosphere of the space, if want to build warm feeling, can try to dress to set a number of tube lamp, reduce space oppressive feeling.

Light body is compact, suitable for domestic common lamp head (E27 lamp head,B22 lamp head, E14 lamp head), easy to install; The style is fashionable, the craft is fine, the product serializes, fully played the led light source energy conservation environmental protection, does not produce any waste.