Launch the new high energy efficiency controller program.

- Mar 08, 2018-

ON March 6th it launched two new LED lighting controllers, ON Semiconductor (nasdaq: ON), which promotes innovation in energy efficiency.Tunable NCL30386 and undimmed NCL30388 provide leading market options for designers of LED lighting devices such as offices and industrial buildings.

The two devices are used for the flyback, buck - boost or single ended primary inductor converter (SEPIC) power supply topology of high power factor (PF), single segment, constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) primary side adjustment (PSR) pulse width modulation (PWM) controller.They work with a quasi-resonant (QR) model, which is more energy-efficient than the eu's Ecodesign, America's ENERGYSTAR.And NEMA SSL and other energy consumption standards.

The integrated digital power factor correction (PFC) algorithm ensures that the leading market, greater than 0.95 PF, and less than 10% total harmonic distortion (THD) are achieved within the universal input voltage range.The integrated high voltage start current source ensures fast start speed, low power consumption and wide range output.The current and voltage are controlled by a digital PSR CC/CV loop, which can normally be controlled within a range of plus or minus 2 per cent, providing extremely uniform illumination in all conditions.

These devices are simple to use and can work on a wide voltage (VCC) range of 9.2-26 VDC, with a valley floor lock and frequency reverse function to ensure high energy efficiency throughout the voltage range.The design of LED lighting application is further simplified by including safety functions such as under-voltage and overpressure protection, as well as detection of short-circuit function in output, winding and diode.

NCL30386 and NCL30388 do not require a lot of external components to complete the design, shorten the time of product launch, reduce the cost of BoM, and reduce the space required to achieve full illumination.

In addition, NCL30386 also provides excellent dimming functions, including linear or secondary dimming curve options.The wide analog dimming range is controlled by two special simulation /PWM control pins, which can realize the accurate dimming of 0.5% minimum dimmer ratio and no noise.

Various semiconductor AC - DC business market and application of director Ryan Zahn said: "given the LED lighting certificates of low energy consumption and its efficient job is to deal with rising energy prices and environmental factors to improve the management cost of gist.Our new approach not only provides high energy efficiency in leading markets, but also provides designers with a high degree of flexibility to meet and exceed current energy efficiency standards.The wide range of new devices, the low standby power consumption and the quick start of the new device make the designer's work simplified.In addition, NCL30386 provides a wide range of very precise dimming control, which is the ideal solution for intelligent lighting devices.