Innovative Designs or Good Old Classics?

- Sep 29, 2018-

Do you want a truly sparkling fountain of differently colored drops and shades? Fiber optics can help you create a real light show. This method however, is expensive. It’s often installed because of the zero risk to human safety. Lamps of this sort are made from fiber optics, which are far less dangerous. The beauty of this system is that it can be installed far enough from the water that makes moisture completely unable to reach it. Lights for pools using this technique are decorations by themselves. Fiber optics also have an incredibly long working life. A gadget with 150 Watt in power for example can last up to 13 000 hours. If you want to look at more traditional methods, there is always a popular choice: powerful stationary projectors installed on level with the water. Oftentimes the maker will include tools for mounting such as the proper wiring that has been properly waterproofed and halogen lights bulbs rated at 50-300 Watts. Be careful! In order to power these systems at least 12 volts are required so you may need to install some transformers.

There is a golden rule for comfortable and beautiful lighting: the number and power of lights in the pool and around the perimeter should be the same! Lamps for outside lighting create a background illumination while underwater lamps are responsible for lighting the water and creating a pleasant view. Outside lamps should have 1st class resistance against condensation but its best to buy lights with 2nd class protection against water drops. As stated above, ideally halogen bulbs are used with natural lights and soft color rendering. A bold and interesting move is fixing the lamp to be on a moving base – the beam can change directions based on a trajectory.