Infrared Induction Principle

- Dec 11, 2018-

When someone enters the sensing range, part of the human body is in the infrared region of the infrared human body sensor, the infrared emission tube will emit infrared rays. Because the human body's occlusion reflection is reflected to the infrared receiving, the signal processed by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit is sent to the pulse electromagnetic valve, which is accepted by the electromagnetic valve. After the signal, the valve core is opened to control the head water according to the specified instruction. When the human body leaves the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve core is reset through the internal spring to control the water shutdown.

As long as the human body does not leave the induction area, the switch will continue to switch on. After the human leaves, the load will be automatically closed in a delay. When people turn on the lights, people turn off the lights, which is quite humane and energy-saving and environmental protection.