IES File Data And Light Distribution Curve

- Jan 29, 2018-

IES is a light fixture that can be imported into the software for lighting, and you can see all the lighting parameters and the light effect of this lamp. By using IES, we can save a lot of practice time and directly calculate the effect of installing this lamp in a certain area. You can make it more quickly.

Above this kind of, the two ends are close to balance, the distribution area is big of the match light curve is street lamp to match light curve commonly, apply in the road illume commonly.

Above this kind of, two sides is symmetrical, the value is almost identical with light curve, it is indoor absorb dome light all the match light curve, apply to indoor illume more.

Like this Angle, usually is a line lamp unique, often used in the class corridor and other space. In addition, generally speaking, the space is bigger, the lamps and lanterns that need to use is more, also can use the lamps and lanterns of high power to replace.