How to wire and install the fountain's underwater lights

- Nov 07, 2018-

The installation of the fountain's underwater lights can be done in two ways: one is to be placed directly in the fountain's bottom and sealed with the national waterproof glue, and then the rubber cable is directly discharged into the distribution box outside the pool. This practice is not easy to maintain.

This is mainly the second kind. The fountain lamp is placed on the lamp bracket under the fountain, and the rubber cable (the reserved cable is in the shape of spring around the city) is able to be pulled out of the water surface. In this way, when the lamp is changed, the lamp can be changed by taking it off the bracket and pulling it out of the water.

After the cable is laid with plastic pipe and sealed with waterproof glue, the cable is led to the distribution box outside the pool. Each light is then connected to a leakage switch, so that in case one lamp burns out, it will not cause all short circuits, which is convenient for maintenance.

Be sure to connect the ground wire to avoid the danger of the pool leakage.