How to choose led underwater lights?

- Aug 22, 2018-

According to the actual application requirements of the project, how to choose the led underwater lights reasonably should be considered from the following aspects.

1. Safety function

In the landscape site, the choice of led underwater lights takes personal safety as the first element. The underwater lamp with 12V safe voltage must be adopted according to the requirements of national standard

2. Lighting function

Lighting function mainly refers to the luminous brightness of the light source. It can choose the underwater lamp of different power according to the irradiation height and projection area.

Another element of lighting function is the color of underwater lamp, there are 7 kinds commonly, can be chosen according to application situation, illuminate object and build atmosphere.

3. Appearance and shell materials

Although led underwater lights are used underwater, they are not very visible. But appearance and material and the specific gravity of lamps and lanterns concern. If the proportion is too small, it will produce greater buoyancy, easy to loosen the fixed screw of underwater colored lamp, so that the lamp floats on the water and too heavy makes the lamp bracket difficult to support. In the meantime, because use in water for a long time, its outer casing material should have certain anticorrosion function, surface paint layer should be firm.

4. Economy

Economy of underwater lamp is to point to the sum of one-time investment of lamps and running expenses. Generally speaking, quality is better underwater lamp, its lamps and lanterns price is higher, service life is longer, run cost is lesser, conversely, quality is poorer underwater lamp, although price is cheap, but often cause blindness because of leak, leakage electricity, not only increased run cost, some even affect the acceptance check of whole project.

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