How are the Led Chip Classified?

- Nov 12, 2018-

1. Low power straight insert specifications are: straw hat/steel helmet, round head, indent, oval, square (2*3*4) bullet, flat head, (3/5/ flat head/bread-type) piranha, etc.

2. SMD patch is generally divided into (3020/3528/5050, these are the front glow) /1016/1024, etc. These are the side light source.

3. High-power LED cannot be classified into patch series, they are different in power and current usage, and the photoelectric parameters are very different. Single high-power LED light source without radiating base (generally hexagonal aluminum base) is not much different from ordinary patch. The high-power LED light source is circular, and the packaging method is basically the same as SMD patch, but it is fundamentally different from SMD patch in terms of service condition, environment and effect.