Commercial High Brightness Led Par30 Spotlights

- Jan 30, 2018-

Philips lighting, the global lighting leader, has released a new generation of commercial LED PAR30 spotlights to meet the replacement needs of 70W ceramic metal halide lamps in lumen and color temperature. This high brightness, high luminous efficiency and high quality products will lead commercial PAR spotlights to the LED era with its excellent heat dissipation, safety and precision.


High brightness and high luminous efficiency LED, leading PAR light from ceramic metal halide lamp to LED era.

Philips lighting the launch of a new generation of commercial LED PAR30 shoot the light, only 40 w, total lumens is as high as 4500 lumens, color temperature 3000 k, in order to better focusing performance, need to use a smaller size, higher brightness, point light source, the philips lighting specially customized ceramic substrates COB chip, light efficiency is as high as 150lm/w.

Die-casting aluminum with pure aluminum plate instead of PC fan design, passive heat dissipation is safer and more beautiful.

With more reliable passive heat dissipation, it is innovative to inlay aluminum plate in die casting aluminum, with a thermal conductivity of 226, 2.35 times of die-cast aluminum, effectively improving the heat dissipation of the product. In addition, the light source side of the product is slightly higher than the luminary, showing the side cooling hole, which is conducive to the long-term stability of the chip and drive. Considering the safety factor, this series of PAR lamps with intelligent feedback circuit, when the lamp shell temperature over 90 ℃, will automatically start over temperature protection, light output gently down, can not affect the user experience under the premise of guarantee the product the undead lamp. Taking full account of the actual lighting conditions of different seasons in different regions, overtemperature protection will not start at 35 degree ambient temperature.

Excelsior, high power factor drives and new lens design provide a better experience.

Philips' new generation PAR30 is equipped with a high-performance drive with a power factor of 0.97 and a driving efficiency of 91%. It is equipped with a 4000V voltage withstand test to provide a better defense for lighting safety.