Color Temperature Principle of Hotel Lighting

- Aug 31, 2018-

Hotel lighting to generally use warm white light source, color temperature of 3000K or so its basis is: no matter what type of hotel, to create a friendly, warm and friendly atmosphere should be their common aspiration, and color temperature 3000K light source provides lighting environment, can strengthen this characteristic of wine. 

(1) Based on the study of human visual perception of color temperature and space, the color of orange-yellow color homochromatic color bias to blue-purple color, at the same time contrast, orange makes people feel warm, close to us; based on memory, when the color of continuous contrast, the results are the same. 

(2) This kind of perception is closely related to some psychological evaluation and emotional activities such as kindness, warmth and friendliness. 

(3) based on engineering practice, whenever a hotel lighting project is able to without all kinds of interference, the effect will be very good if we implement this principle thoroughly.