Classification of LED drive power(1)

- Nov 19, 2018-

First of all, let's talk about what is an LED driver? It can convert the power supply into a specific voltage current to drive the LED luminous voltage converter. Normally, the input of LED drive power includes high-voltage power frequency ac (i.e., municipal power), low-voltage dc, high-voltage dc, low-voltage high-frequency ac (such as the output of electronic transformer) and so on. The output of LED drive power is mostly a constant current source which can change the voltage with the change of the positive voltage drop of LED.

The core components of LED power supply include switch controller, inductor, switch component (MOSfet), feedback resistance, input filter element, output filter element and so on. According to the requirements of different occasions, there must be input overvoltage protection circuit, input undervoltage protection circuit, LED open circuit protection, overcurrent protection and other circuits.