Characteristics of buried lamps

- Dec 04, 2018-

There are various types of buried lamps, which can be seen in many parking lots, green belts or some tourist attractions. They are widely used. Such popular buried lamps have the following characteristics:

1. In order to follow the development direction of advocating energy saving in modern society, most of McGrady's songs are made by using led light source. Led light source has a long service life, which can not only save energy, but also reduce the number of construction.

2, considering the particularity of the range of use of the buried lamp, we choose the first-class raw materials to produce the buried lamp, therefore, the buried lamp has the function of dustproof, waterproof and anticorrosion, suitable for use in a variety of environments.

3. The particularity of the buried light source, coupled with the fact that the buried light has been processed by a series of high-end technologies in the production process, the buried light has the performance of low power consumption, and we do not need to beautify and brighten it when we use it.