Can the LED light be embedded in the road as a zebra line?

- Aug 04, 2018-

A new LED light traffic system, which is embedded in the road, has been put into trial in London. It can detect pedestrians and other vehicles and change the road light and pipeline number according to the road conditions to remind the driver of possible danger. Especially when pedestrians or bicycles appear in the blind area of the driver's sight, the road will display a red light warning.

The new road surface, embedded in LED lights, was developed by Umbrellium, a British company, and Direct Line, a car insurer. In addition to embedded LED road surfaces, the system also includes high-resolution cameras to capture information about pedestrians and vehicles, as well as real-time feedback from the system.

Zebra crossing and road safety have always been an important and complex part of mass transit system. However, from the initial design of zebra crossing in the 1940s to the highly developed traffic today, people's way of crossing the road has not changed much. The increase of traffic accidents makes the improvement of zebra crossing and pedestrian traffic system a necessary consideration for the design of smart cities in the future.