Basic parameters of Led lights

- Aug 29, 2018-

  1. Color: it can be divided into three types according to the color type: but, colorful and full-color single point control.

  2. Voltage: the current 12V low voltage module is relatively common. Check the correct voltage when connecting power supply and control system. Otherwise, the LED module will be damaged.

  3. Working temperature: that is to say, the normal temperature of LED. Usually, the temperature is between -20 C and ~+60 C.

  4. Angle of illumination: the angle of the LED illuminating angle from the manufacturer is generally LED module.

  5. Brightness: The brightness that we usually talk about in the LED module is usually luminous intensity and luminosity

  6. Waterproof grade: if you want to use the LED module outdoors, this parameter is very important, usually the best waterproof level in the whole open air is IP65.

  7. Size: what is usually called length, width and height.

  8. The maximum length of a single connection: the number of LED modules connected in a serial LED module.

  9. Power: basically, the power of the LED mode level =Each led power * The quantity of led * 1.1