Application of LED navigation AIDS in airports

- Aug 02, 2018-

LED lamps and lanterns of navigation in the application of the airport work shall be carried out step by step, can be installed in the early stopping is difficult, lamps and lanterns fault relatively frequent area, such as from taxiway areas quickly, and then gradually spread all over the whole range, and work should do well in the following aspects: one is to sift regulations, standards, LED lamps and lanterns applications, procurement, installation, in accordance with the relevant provisions to ensure that meet the requirements of army; 

Second, make clear the maintenance and inspection details of LED lamps, accelerate the training progress of maintenance personnel and improve the disposal ability. 

Third, we will intensify the promotion of new lamps and research projects in this field, coordinate with local authorities and lamp manufacturers to evaluate the application prospects of new lamps and technologies in airports, and explore effective ways to improve the safe and stable operation of airport navigation light system. Fourth, actively promote the construction of the airasia lighting laboratory, which is in line with the new facilities and technology promotion, so as to create favorable preconditions for its application in the airport.