Application analysis of LED navigation lights

- Aug 01, 2018-

Within the airport passenger throughput reach more than ten million people reached 32, China's capital airport as an example, the flight is still on the rise every year, and aircraft model also assumes the large scale direction, there is still a flight queue to enter the capital airport, under this background, the contradiction between aircraft and ground facilities maintenance has become increasingly apparent, therefore, improve the stability of ground facilities within the airport reached a consensus.

This year, on the basis of the bottom line to flight safety, the civil aviation administration put forward high quality development idea, the more airport operation management put forward higher security requirements, and the runway safety is top priority, under this background, the guarantee safe operation of the runway, will shift the focus to the runway facilities maintenance, reached a consensus within the airport, and the LED lamps and lanterns because of its low failure rate, reduce the maintenance workload, improve navigation lighting system running stability, the best choice of the transfer work center of gravity.